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Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Watersports


What Is A Cable Park?

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Fun family destination where everyone can learn to waterski, wakeboard and kneeboard

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Similar to a T-bar at a ski hill, the electrically powered towing system runs in a continuous circuit, towing riders across a body of water and replacing the need for a boat.

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The easiest and most affordable way to learn a new watersport, or for the experienced participant to progress their skills. 

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Powered by a small electric motor, the system is virtually silent,

producing roughly 55dB


Blending into normal - outdoor ambient noise levels.


Local Benefits

At its roots the facility will be focused on building community within the sport by encouraging new participants to get invovled and by providing a facility that encourages people to get outside, try something new, and to have fun!

Wakeboard and Waterski Cable Parks are an investment in environmentally- friendly and affordable, sustainable family recreation which provide engagement with the local community and beyond, supporting all-ages healthy lifestyles.

Considering its location in the Town of the Blue Mountains we anticipate that the facility will complement and enhance local summer sports tourism as part of a growing and diversified four season economy, adding to the unique cultural and natural qualities of the community. 

​"Cable wakeboarding is the summer version of a ski hill, except it's hot and sunny, I think it will be awesome for the community!"
​ - Erika Langman
Manager of mountain events, Blue Mountain & National Team Athlete.

Cable Manufacturer

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Frequently asked questions

Are cable parks loud?

No. The cable systems operate using small electric motors. On each of the two "straight line" cables there is a 10kw electric motor (similar to a washing machine), and the "full size cable" (donut pond) uses a 30kw electric motor. The systems operate at 55dB at the base of each motor tower, and are virtually silent once you are 15-20ft away as the sound dicipates. To put that into perspective, a typical AC unit operates at between 50-75dB.

Is it difficult to learn?

Absolutely not! Cable systems are the easiest way to learn how to waterski or wakeboard, and our friendly and helpful coaches will be able to get you up on the water in no time. All ages fun for the whole family!

Are there other parks like this?

There are over 300 Full Size Cable Parks in the world! Over 80 in Germany alone. Currently in Ontario there are numerous cable parks that feature Straightline Cables but none providing access to a Full Size Cable, and only one in Canada. Basically the difference being that on a Straightline Cable there can only be one rider at a time and on a Full Size Cable there can be up to 8 at a time, all evenly spaced along the running cable. This allows for more people to get out and enjoy time on the water for an even more cost effective price!

Still not sure what a Cable Park is exactly?

Lucky for all of us our friends down at Westrock Wake Park in Rockford Illinois put together this amazing video showcasing their park and explaining it a bit further! www.westrockwakepark.com

Is the park good for the area?

We think that this would be a great addition to the already amazing Town of Blue Mountains! Considering its location, we anticipate that the facility will complement and enhance local summer sports tourism as part of a growing and diversifired four season economy, adding to the unique cultural and natural qualities of the community. "The Town of Blue Mountains economic base is largely tourist-driven which is likely to continue into the foreseeable future. The proposed development builds upon the existing tourism and recreation resources of the Town, by introducing a new local attraction which will extend the tourism season. This diversification of the tourism product in the Town and the provision of a mix and range of commercial and recreation uses can improve the range of experiences and extend the tourism season beyond the winter months which will facilitate economic growth and improve the Towns regional competitiveness. The proposed use has been contemplated on the subject lands in a deliberate way with a focus on the expansion of recreational infrastructure. The subject property enjoys a policy framework that is supportive of commercial recreation uses which serve the employment area, residents and the travelling public. The flexibility in the existing policy framework serves as a transition between the rural residential and agricultural lands to the south and west and the employment lands to the north. The applications seek to provided additional flexibility to the site, through the consideration of additional commercial recreation uses in support of the employment area and through the broader policy direction of the County and the Town which “encourage the maintenance of existing recreation and tourism-related activities and land uses and the establishment of new facilities which diversify recreational opportunities within the context of a year-round recreational/tourism community for all possible forms of recreation”.

How can I help?

We need to show that there is public support for the project, too often it is only those with concerns who have their voices heard. So spread the word! Tell your friends and family that this would be great for the area, and write a letter to the Mayor, Councilors and Staff at the town! Comments can be sent to... Corrina Giles, CMO Town Clerk Town of The Blue Mountains cgiles@thebluemountains.ca

Tell your friends and family, and get them to write a letter. The more support we can get, the better!

Let’s show them how amazing our community is, and let’s tell them how awesome it would be to have a facility like this in the Town of Blue Mountains!


For more information about the project or if you have questions, please contact us!

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